The end of our specie began 40 years ago

extinciónThe Human Being is STOPPING its own Natural Evolutionary process…

We are keeping alive million elderly and we kill millions of unborn children…What a big nonsense! How is possible we call smart ourselves?!

We carry 1,720 million abortions in the last 40 years… That means we are removing the NEW GENETIC from our societies… At the same time, the world is “infested” elderly… Therefore, our genetic is already very “outdated”… And if we do not change this process, we will be very outdated in a few generations…

All those millions of new lives biased certainly represented our SALVATION in future times… Very bad times will come. This is not a premonition, it’s just statistics. We will have cataclysms of any kind: Climate, geographic, “social” (wars)… And during these periods remain only the “bests”, the bests adapted genetically…

Nature is very wise and Evolution is its main tool. But by ABORTION we are cancelling it. If we do not change soon our attitude, we will pay dearly… We’ll pay with the extinction of our own specie… Because, although we believe we are so smart, we are not more than “absurd” animals with “dreams of grandeur”. The brightest personalities of our civilisation agree on one thing: As more we know, we are also aware that we know almost nothing… Therefore, without the “protection” of Nature, we are doomed to extinction…

The abortion debate is not just a question of morality, ethics, common sense… It is a matter of survival of the specie… What a pity that our ignorance, our selfishness and arrogance not allow us to assimilate this dramatic reality!


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