Catalonia is Spain!


Hey friends from Australia and from anywhere in the world, CATALONIA is only a country in the fantasy of some people, possibly some of your friends…

Catalonia is actually one part from SPAIN and never before it existed. Moreover they want to colonize other Spanish territories like my island, Mallorca. They want to change my nationality! It’s incredible! It’s crazy! They also want to colonize Italian and French territories; and the small country of Andorra… It’s a crazy colonization because they still don’t exist as a country! Even they are a big problem to the European Union for these reasons.

These people are breaking the Spanish society with their stupidities based in the ideology of Nationalism, which is pretty close to the Fascism and Nazism… It’s the main problem of Spain, not the economy at all. When society is together is very easy to confront the problems, but when the society is broken is absolutely impossible to solve problems like the economy. And now, due to these people, the Spanish society is totally broken. There is no doubt that these people are the guilty of the dramatically situation of Spain in all areas. Consult experts.

The conclusion is very simple: Don’t trust in these people. They lie and manipulate people a lot. They are obsessed with their fanatic territorial instincts and they believe more in frontiers than the HUMANITY… They value more the national and political issues than PEOPLE… Maybe you think your particular friends are a good exception but it’s quite difficult. Investigate your particular cases. Usually, they just represent a role to appear good persons but they are very hypocrites and manipulate people… Be careful with them.

Don’t forget: If someone says you that he’s not Spanish, but he’s from Catalonia, don’t trust with him at all. Surely, he is a fanatic and extreme person. Never will be a good friend. Go away from that kind of people! It is necessary to isolate these people. Maybe they should have to return to their “fantasy country” and don’t disturb and corrupt other societies with their obsessions.


  1. You need to learn history before to write such stupid article. I’m not Spaniard ans less Catalan, but this is absolutely not true what you say. So people like you are very dangerous.

    Please revisit the history from Catalonia which formed the start of Spanish history with the crown of Aragon


    1. Thanks Gerard to comment my article and for criticizing it, of course. I love that people critic my articles because that means three important things:

      1) First of all, if they agree, it means that I’m not so wrong in my thoughts.
      2) If they do not agree but anyway they comment these ones, means that they are not as stupid as you say… This is the first point where people can see you are lying… (If the article actually was so stupid, you were not said anything, simply you were ignored it).
      3) Finally, people may check that I’m actually democratic, letting comments like yours, criticizing my articles: It’s the final proof that I am not scared of different opinions, above all, because normally I can totally refute them, as you and my others readers will be able to see next.

      Initially, my article is not specifically centered on history. Your comment is just centered in that point, so it is impossible that, if it is not correct in that point, it is a whole stupid article, as you said. In that point, other readers can see you actually are not objective in your opinion. Moreover, history is not a science, is a part of Humanism; so it is very difficult to check. I mean is not totally objective, like mathematics, physics, etc. Thus, labeling the article like a stupidity only for this reason is actually very, very stupid…

      On the other hand, it seems you also lie because I doubt that you are not Catalan… I doubt, above all, because this is not relevant for the debate because you cannot prove that. So you are trying to manipulate my readers with that useless information. In a debate it is just necessary to give arguments, not personal characteristics. Then it is very possible that you are lying trying to get a neutral position to achieve more credibility. Interesting coincidence: your “nationalist friends” usually use lies and manipulation many times… So, it is very possible that you are one of them…

      Centering in your few and empty arguments, I think you are who must study more history about Spain, Catalonia, Aragon, France and Italy… There is a lot of bibliography anywhere, where you and anyone can extract the right information. That information indicates, in general sense, that the Catalan nationalism lies almost by 100%. But I think this is an empty debate: Historical debates are very difficult to prove, so I prefer center my arguments in other areas: Humanity, Philosophy, Physiology, and so on. Areas where Catalan nationalism does not have any argument at all.

      So, if you want to discuss the other important points of my article (the majority!) I will be very happy to debate with you these ones. Please, to refer again to the historical issues, it is better you do not reply. For me it is very boring and, for the others like you, a good opportunity to manipulate people. I think it is the main reason, which you and nationalism people love to use the historical information and avoid the other areas: To lie and manipulate the society always.


  2. El que es Catalunya ja ho direm els catalans. Sabem el que som desde sempre, no com els espanyols que visqueu en una permanent paranoia buscant la vostra identitat. Seria millor que us denomineseu simplement castellans i se us acabaria el conflicte.


    1. First of all, you are a part of a COMMUNITY, called Spain, so you are not allowed to BREAK that community just for your emotions, territorial instincts, fanaticism, and so on. You do not have good reasons, at all. But I have a lot of good reasons against your “good feelings”.
      One of the important reasons, as my article says, is the Humanity: trying to integrate ourselves to be better all together… I know that your fanaticism does not let seeing this reality and most important reason, but there are more secondary reasons:

      1. You have NEVER been before an independent country neither kingdom.
      2. You have always been very involved in that community (Spain)
      3. You never were practically independent.
      4. In general, all your “feelings and emotions” (no reasons) are based in LIES and MANIPULATION.
      5. …

      So, you are so Spanish like other Spanish people.

      On the other hand, your ignorance about that issue comes back to confuse yourself again: language is not related with nationality. If this was true, all Latin-America would be Spanish, and they are different countries, even although they speak the same language. Please, come back to the school, and learn some of Humanity, sociology, history, and after, maybe you are be able to debate properly.

      Finally, despite your IGNORANCE (that allows you are manipulated), if you want the independence, this must be NEGOTIATED; it never can be UNILATERAL, because Spanish people have RIGHTS in Catalonia, independently your subjective and instinctive emotions. In others words, if you want the independence, you would have to paid for it, of course! Catalonia is of all Spanish people, not only of the Catalan people. Can you understand that simple argument? I do not think so, but anyway, Catalonia will be part of Spanish for ever and ever, unless that there is an mutual agreement.


      1. El problema de esta gente es que no son conscientes del TERRIBLE insulto a sus “hermanos” españoles… No son conscientes que lo que están haciendo es lo mismo que haría una persona cualquiera que, un buen día se levanta y le dice a sus hermanos o padres que ya no pertenece a esa familia… Son tan ignorantes, insensibles y, finalmente, manipuladores…, que son incapaces de ponerse en nuestra piel… Pero como tú dices, JAMÁS dejarán de ser nuestros “hermanos”, por muy subnormales que sean los pobres… (a un hermano no se le abandona, por muchos problemas mentales que tenga).


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