Eyes connection


Today it has happened something very special… It has happened an “eyes connection”… For me it is incredible how we can connect each of us through eyes…

Some days ago I saw a speech about the symptoms of lie. Particularly, the speaker said that lie, contrarily to people thought, is not seen on eyes… There are many other symptoms that a liar may show when he or she lies. Ok, it is possible, but what about… feelings… attraction… love… ?

Today I have experienced something that I had not experienced rather time ago: Fix my eyes in the eyes of other person, while we were speaking… A fixing very deep, like I was reading her mind. It is an amazing sensation… It seems like you knew that person since many years… “So beautiful”, I was thinking at the same time I was hypnotized by her eyes… Asian eyes with Brazilian culture… She is really beautiful, but very normal too. Anyway, she has hypnotized me this afternoon in our class of English…

It makes me remember the last time that I lived that so special situation. It was with my ex-girlfriend… It was amazing… So amazing than I feel it was very real, very important, very… I don’t know, maybe it’s just a “hormonal game”, maybe I’m too “stupid and romantic”, hehehe…. I don’t know, but it’s a very amazing moment, no doubt about that! To my ex, I was able to be seeing her eyes for hours, almost without speaking… The language of eyes… It seemed like a direct access to our minds, our souls…

Anyway…, today, after some years after that relationship, I have felt something very similar to this sensation… What is the problem? She has partner, a “little big” problem…, hehehe… Anyway, I’m happy because these types of experiences make me feel very… alive! 🙂


This text was written several weeks ago… Something very special has been “cooked” between us but she is a very honest and responsible person and nothing more will occur… The next week is my last week of my current English course. After that, probably we see each other never more … Be happy my temporal angel…, and thanks a lot to make me feel alive again… See you always 🙂


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