Natural intelligence


Intelligence is also a natural feature… So, how is it possible that Human Being, through their intelligence, goes against the Nature? This is an essential question that always I’m wondering … It is similar to the other big question for the religious people: How is it possible that God have created the “badness”?

The answer, for both points of view (religious and laic) is the same: This “entity” (Nature/God) was not interested just in us… This “entity” was interested in the whole Universe… A Universe, where we are just a little particle… So, our arrogance is the answer… We are so arrogant than we think that anything that goes apparently against ourselves is a bad thing, absolutely; without any discussion.

But Nature made the intelligence to go against ourselves if it was necessary. As other natural processes, this is not necessarily “bad”. It is just bad for us, the Human Being, not for the other natural beings. Does it sound incredible? Yes, Nature is incredible… And now, we are overpopulating the Earth…, so, it is a good moment to start to use our intelligence against us… It is a brilliant natural mechanism… This is a masterly, amazing, and spectacular evidence of real intelligence… This is a proof of “natural intelligence”, camouflaged into our “human intelligence”… Definitely incredible…, isn’t it? 🙂

Maybe, someday, the Human Being will begin to understand this premise of Nature and, therefore, they will begin to respect the whole Nature… That day, we will start to be really intelligent… That day, something, really big, will happen in the whole Human Civilization. Will that day come sometime?


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