“Desert Dancer”, much more than a movie…

This is a beautiful movie, not just in appearance but also for its included principles…, especially FREEDOM… In the side of the art, it was my first time that I could cry just seeing a beautiful and emotional dance…


Dance is one of my passions and I can’tbelieve how is it possible that any society forbids dancing… Yes my friends, in a higher or lower level, in the Muslims countries, dancing is FORBIDDEN…

In front of this real lack of freedom, western countries we are fighting for a false freedom, such as the “freedom” to kill a baby, before its birth… I’m speaking about abortion, of course.

In my opinion, to see these opposite problems is a kind of bad joke : In one side, a real lack of freedom that even forbids to dance; and in the other side, a corruption of freedom that allows killing with no reason at all… It’s a very bad joke that shows to all of us that both extremes can be equally negative… Personally, I think the “western extreme” is much worse than the other one…

As a conclusion, I think that, all of us, in the western and eastern countries, Muslim and non-Muslim countries, would have to meditate in a deeper way about this subject (the real concept of Freedom) and to be coherent with these thoughts…


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