Beyond our limits

This amazing video shows me that the Human Being is an animal of CHALLENGES… We need to go beyond the limits. This is what makes us to feel alive, truly alive…

But at the same time this video makes me think about some of these limits. Are we able to cross ALL of them? I don’t think so… Genetics, natural reproduction … are just examples of limits that I think we never should cross…

Then, what are the real criteria to do not cross these special limits? When do we have to stop our huge instinct to go beyond of our natural frontiers?

I think the answer is so simple: We have to stop when, after crossing the limit, we have a lot of possibilities of losing our identity as a Human Being in any sense… To ensure our identity as a Human Being is totally important for two essential reasons:

1) We are creatures extremely COMPLEX. So, we are not sure what parameters of our “configuration” are crucial or not. Changing the natural reproductive procedures could change us drastically, by instance.

2) This identity is the one that is making possible our current possibility to go further our frontiers… So, why do we have change our identity, crossing limits if this identity makes us able to cross them?! It would be like to have a key to cross any door; but one of them we know that has many possibilities to lose that key… Would you cross it anyway? Maybe that is the final question…


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