Baby: “I want to have a mum and a dad!”


I’m in favour of the right to be homosexual. They should have the same rights of heterosexuals, excepting the right to be father/mother, because the rights of children are above theirs.

Once again, other country fails against the NATUAL RIGHT of having a MUM and a DAD… Incredible…

Since now, children in USA will be able to be educated without a mum or a dad. Congratulations Americans! Spaniards have the same rights! Welcome to the club!

This is not more than other victory of the so called “GENDER IDEOLOGY”… It is incredible how this superficially “nice ideology” is, in the end, other way to manipulate people. It is amazing to me like, through sacred words as LOVE, these individuals can manipulate so many people.

What do these people think?! How is it possible that the MAJORITY do not think over behind of the appearance (love)?! How is it possible that these people believe that they can decide that a Human Being can grow up without a father and a mother?! What are they?! Gods maybe?! The arrogance of people, believing that they are like gods, is arriving to unsuspected limits before. And this is going to affect very badly the future society, of course.

Nature is the first “God” that everybody should respect, not only for the environmental issues. Our inside should be also led by Nature. Using a religious analogy, we could say:

“Forgive them Nature, because they do not know how dangerous their arrogance is”.


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