Wrong ways to reject a man


Behind a lot of women who supposedly are shy and/or conservative in their relations with men, there is just a personal decision… A decision based on more or less objective reasons… So far, it’s ok… Men have to respect that, of course!

The problem is when some of these women try to confuse you saying that you seemed not interested in them… Probably, you just didn’t do anything more according to their passive attitude, that’s it! These kinds of women are people with neither criteria enough nor personality… They don’t know what they want for their future relationships and, when they realize that you could be a good guy for them, they try to react… But in that moment, it is often too late… Anyway, this is not a big problem because often, people (women and men) with not enough personality, are not at the end interesting, are they?

The real problem is with another group of women: It’s that part of women who try to hide their arrogance using shyness and conservative manners… Thus, they are dishonest as well because they don’t admit to their decision in front of you, trying to hide their decision saying the same as the previous group (the ones who don’t have too much criteria and personality): They say they are shy and conservative in their relationships… But the fact is that they are not shy at all, and they know what they want. They just don’t want to explain this to you to avoid arguments. But for me, to try to avoid arguments when initially there was a real interest, is a symptom of arrogance: The arrogance of who thinks that you are very wrong and are not allowed to have a chance to explain yourself…

Personally, I would like to find in my life people (no just women) who have some criteria, principles and personality and, at the same time, they don’t try to hide their real emotions and feelings related with me… I don’t mind if they are good or bad emotions and feelings. I just want honesty in all areas of my life and I hate the arrogance of people who, according to some prejudices, even although they are initially interested in you, they lie to you…

I’ve written this text as a heterosexual male, but I think the situation could be the same in the other sense, though men are not “allowed” to be shy and conservative in our attitude with women (by natural rule). Therefore, we don’t have this bad excuse to be arrogant with women we are really interested. Maybe in that specific case, we use another and pathetic excuse: “You are too good for me”, hehehe… Although this excuse is often used by women too!